100 Bad Days

In the song “100 Bad Days” by AJR they twist what can be considered bad news and days into positive feelings and outcomes. The song is about how everything bad- the stories, scenarios, and life choices can be turned into good things and lessons we didn’t know we needed to learn.

What we consider bad now does not necessarily mean it will be bad later- we don’t know what we need to know and the best teacher is often failing in some form or another; a failure that stops us from going down one path in life, or a failure to do what you thought you needed to. Being placed in situations that are less than extraordinary and learning to become more than you ever had to before.

I am an artist, and I often enter art contests and things as a way to show off my art to attempt exposure. I have never won a single contest, but life is a journey. In my efforts to gain publicity I have grown as an artist, instead of giving into fearing the unknown. Fearing failing and fearing not being good enough, I strive to do my best every time. And every time I grow, more expressive, more daring, more fearless. Because even when things are not going according to my plans, there is no reason to worry:

When all is going wrong and you’re scared as hell
What you gonna do? Who you gonna tell?
Maybe a hundred bad days made a hundred good stories
A hundred good stories make me interesting at parties

A hundred bad days made a hundred good stories
A hundred good stories make me interesting at parties
Yeah, no, I ain’t scared of you
No, I ain’t scared of you no more

It can be so easy to get caught up in the downward spiral that exists when one predestined their own future. In the midst of that spiral, in the presence of that fear and uncertainty regarding your fate and what shall become of you, there is a moment. A point between the bad decision and learning from it- that point is where fear resides. Fear of things beyond what you can affect, and fear of what you have already accomplished. Things do not typically go as planned because it is impossible to know all the facts. Happiness and ‘good things’ are not mutually exclusive, and there is no reason to fear the bad things in life; bad things always lead to positive learning experiences.

The only thing fear does is inhibit progress, and stop one from achieving any dream they can and will have. There is no reason to be afraid of failure and bad decisions, because ultimately whatever happens due to them. Whether it be good or bad, something worthwhile will be fulfilled and at the end of the day, you will get a good story out of it. Nothing worth anything is free, and nothing in life is easy. To say failure is not an option is the antithesis of the truth- in order to truly succeed in anything one must fail continuously until reaching the peak of victory.

The simple truth is that everyone fails, and everyone will fail. Anyone who has ever done anything in life has failed, from Beyonce to George Lucas, Bill Gates to Oprah. They all have 4 things in common; they tried, they failed, the persevered, and they told their stories. Once you get past the initial failure there are worlds of people who need to hear how you succeeded. No matter what the failure is, there will always be someone who can relate to it:

Remember when we all got drunk?
I ended up with two broke thumbs
Oh my God, I felt so dumb- lucky me
I wrote a song that no one knows
I played a show and no one showed
Oh my God, I felt so alone- lucky me

To struggle is to be human, not to say that it’s in our nature. But to fight against seemingly insurmountable odds for something we believe is worth the pain is incredibly human. From the smallest things to the most important things, struggling is what connects all of humanity. In everyday life, whether it be work, play or driving passions. One way or another humanity will fight against something, maybe even ourselves.

But within the strife and struggle there is joy, because somehow we will survive, and we will grow. And growing is just as human as struggling. For growth is always occurring whether it is noticed as it happens or after the fact. Growth appears because of life; as one lives one grows, until the point where you can look back at all the growth and struggle you lived through with a smile. Knowing that without the struggle there would’ve been no result.


Written by my sister Nichole Evans.
You can find her and all her wonderful art on instagram at @visions_live.

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