In Living Grey

One side is warring against killing babies.
The other side is warring against the patriarchal repression that’s been squeezing the life out of women’s rights and women’s sexuality for centuries.

Nobody is willing to budge, nobody is willing to explore the middle ground.

The debate is unwin-able.

There’s no conversation, because there’s a stark void in both communication and comprehension. The interest is in having one’s position supported, far more than it is anything having to do with navigating the moral grey supporting both sides.

Very similar to the vaccination duels.

Anti-vaxxers have horrendous stories on how vaccinations have torn their lives and the lives of their children apart.
Vaxxers have soul lifting stories on how vaccination made all the difference between life and death.

The conversation there is really about health.

It’s what we all want. Healthy lives and healthy kids.
Health and how it both best applies to the majority, while catering to specific individual case needs, without placing blind faith in the medicine industry and being played for fools.

But again.
No real conversation can be had, because there is a stark void in both communication and comprehension.

What do you do when the stories from both sides check out with equal validity?
The moral decay of the human framework has ensured that the only absolute is that there are no absolutes.

We must learn to navigate the moral grey. Navigate it and effectively exchange dialogue about it. Everything depends on it.

I believe the endless back and forth about abortion will maintain its virulent, stalemated path until arms can be set aside and true conversation had.

As of now, the only ones benefitting from this sword fight are the actual sexists, manipulators, racists, and just in general hateful people concealing themselves under cover of the crossfire.

As long as open mindedness is only a one way street for the “other,” we’ll all end up as roadkill.

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