Watch the Thrones

Abortion has been tick tocking around my head lately… but then a twist wrinkled into my consciousness that I’ll admit up top may not actually be connected to abortion itself…

So for abortion- it’s this big, political push and push back on who has the right to take the life of the unborn child or not. And it’s this huge skirmish involving the government on all levels just about.

But then I’m thinking- what about the medical industry?

Like- we all KNOW (at least in America) that our medical industry is, in fact, an industry.

How many people are they responsible for killing, per year, because they hide or prevent access to preventable/treatable ailments? Thousands? Millions? According to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 609,640 people in the US were expected to die from cancer alone.

That’s over HALF A MILLION.
And from ONE ailment.

In 2017, the top ten leading causes of death in America were all medical with the exception of suicide.

I’m not saying that abortion is a simple matter, nor stating whether I’m for or against it. What I AM saying is my, my look at the hypocrisy. Why isn’t the medical industry getting this same resilient scrutiny and restrictive legislative experimentation?

But then I remembered-

The medical industry is an industry. A business.
And a business is only as good as its repeat customers.

Which makes me wonder if, similar to some of the core elements of racism, they don’t actually care about any of us and it’s only about the money. Because otherwise, on a macro level, abortion would sort itself out I think. Those who believe in it find practitioners who also believe in it and carry on their merry way. And those who do not- do not.

And nobody makes the other side do or endorse anything they are emotionally and spiritually uncomfortable doing or endorsing.

But the power players are all wealthy.

And I can’t shake this nagging feeling that, given the free wheeling liberties of our medical industry, this isn’t about lives or morality at all.

It’s a game of money and power.
The two thrones that rule this country.
And in the game of thrones, you either win… or you die.
But always, ALWAYS, the weakest and least defended are targeted first.

People of color…
And women.

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