Letters From a Church Boy: 2020 Election

Bill Johnson, a VERY prominent white Christian pastor, recently came out in support of 45. And I had every intention of writing about that; of giving him the richly loquacious laceration his hypocritical, racist identity deserves.

But then I realized there was no point. A famous white Christian pastor is racist. In other news, a shot of henny after two Long Islands is a bad idea. Duh.

Shawn Bolz, probably equally famous for his super powers, came out in support of Amy Barrett. Given that he is really tight with Bill and that whole camp, I had the same smoldering arc of inspiration and letting it go.

No point in writing much about them, or their followers- folks who mistakenly believe not rooting for racism is the same thing as being anti-racist. People who are racist and don’t know it, yet deny it to the faces of the folks suffering from it. People who have decided racism is not a deal breaker, and in the same breath are so surprised at how deep systemic racism goes. These are uneducated, arrogant fools hiding behind a bible they only understand through the lens of white privilege- and anyone who has to be convinced racism is not acceptable isn’t anybody I have time for.

What interests me most are the Christians themselves. People whose only claim to status and legitimacy are the hidden cards un-pulled (Christians of all shades). Bible thumping, Jesus shouting, prayer declaring persons having little to no idea that Jesus was not a Christian/did not bring or invent Christianity, and that none of his followers endorsed the idea of Christianity. It’s an outside word. Like hispanic. Lumping very distinct persons into a single category for easy handling, while erasing the identities and personalities of the very people they so falsely mashed together.

Abortion is their big flag. The 45 supporting Christians are so proud to fight against abortion. So proud, in fact, they have no idea the racism and sexism rooted in such a staunch position. Don’t know. And don’t care. No matter how it is explained or packaged- the rallying behind anti-abortion as the be all end all of what it means to be Christian and political is little more than a very thinly veiled power move.

Black women and WOC unequivocally give this country any bragging rights it has earned. If they have ever been behind men, it is because men forced them there. And they forced their way out. Black women and WOC refuse to be marginalized, and continually demonstrate their power to an exhausting extent. Any moron can see that if you control the women, you control the country (which, again, is not a new idea- it’s an old one at the heart of slavery practices right here in America). And that’s exactly what happened. The morons realized this and have been fighting for it ever since.

By demonizing women, they keep the lens small, which prevents one from looking at the surrounding systemic racism and sexism driving their (the white Christians’s) real motivations. Another white privilege tactic, because guess who has the luxury of not concerning themselves with facts, details, and nuance?

White Christians.

Abortion, a deeply complex, and personal choice of women, should be at the bottom of your list of concerns. That’s like having a violent rapist for President and letting him decide what’s approved behavior and what isn’t.

The other Christians that intrigue me are the “God’s got it” Christians. No need to worry. No need to research much, if at all. No need for, well, any personal responsibility for life in the slightest. A contradictorily hypocritical stance. The same folks that tell you “God’s gon take care of it, don’t worry, only what he wants to happen will happen” are the same folks who tell you God’s not rooting for either side. I’m sorry what? So if 45 wins, that’s God’s will, but also God didn’t pick him, but also God did because he’s God?

Placating nonsense.
Unbelievably dangerous rhetoric.

The final major group of Christians out in these political streets making a name for themselves are the Sesame Street Christians. The “we can all get along” Christians. Folks who think you’re great whether you support 45 or Biden. Folks who are very insistent that you remember 45 is a child of God; a human with feelings and a purpose. (cue tiny violin) These folks also don’t give a damn (or much of one) when it comes to Black and POC life. They feel “conflicted” when it comes to Black Lives Matter.

Again- anybody who is louder for a racist, sexist, homophobic rapist than they are for the peoples and communities that person and their people plunder, aren’t people I have any time for.

They also love to tote the philosophy of forgiveness. As if you can’t forgive someone and punch them out for violating you/your space. These things can co-exist. And the only ones telling you different are trying to sell you something or control you, and those are pretty much the same thing.

Jesus was executed as an enemy of the state, in the most cruel fashion of public murder available at the time, because he advocated on behalf of the Black Lives Matter/LGBTQ/Women’s Rights Activists people of the time. All folks and groups the reigning, rule following, judgement decreeing, religious force for God sentenced to social exile and hell. The entire new life and kingdom Jesus spoke passionately about, and awakened an awareness to is no different than the world Angela Davis or James Baldwin spoke of and advocated for. No different than the reality Austin Channing and Ibram Kendi point to.

In his day, Jesus showed up at the Church and physically beat the Christians into a hasty retreat out of it.

So miss me with your rhetoric.
If you support Trump- you’re racist. Period.
Maybe you weren’t always. And won’t be later.
But for now you definitely are.

You’re not spiritual, not enlightened, not filled with the power of the Holy Ghost (I mean what a waste- can you imagine being filled with unlimited divine power and arguing with people on social media rather than raising the dead, healing the sick, manifesting food for the starving, liberating the oppressed, financially sustaining the poor?!). You’re not any of those things. You’re just racist. Being misinformed or uninformed only makes you ignorant. Not impervious to being racist. The idea is to cure the ignorance and from there, actively engage in anti-racist practices.

But that’s for an entirely different post.

We are not the same.
The candidates are not the same.
We CAN’T be friends regardless of how you vote.
Christianity is an extremely malleable concept, most heavily shaped by the hand of racism on the wheel of greedy self interest.

Jesus wasn’t a christian.
Jesus was a renegade.
A man of [all] the people.


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