The Story We Tell Ourselves

Happy New Year everyone!

There is the story we experience.And there is the story we tell ourselves.
The truth mileage varies, but it’s the realness of the stories which shapes us. The real experiences we have. The real narrative we tell ourselves. New Year’s Day is just another day. The same conflicts are literally still going on. The same difficulties still splash and froth ahead, waiting to be creatively forded. But I see an opportunity for all of us here.

We have the chance to adjust the story we tell ourselves.

Being human during a pandemic has been incredibly difficult- that made even more so by being educators. It is a simple matter to list the frustrations, inconveniences, irritations, flusteringly quick pivots, and the thousand other tiny cuts that can so easily drag our energy into the back alleys of passivity and disconnection, left for dead. Yet that is the story of our experience, and it is to be embraced; never denied, but dealt with head on. That is healthy.

But the story we tell ourselves is more under our control, can be more of our own design. So let us tell ourselves stories of fluidity and unchecked creativity. Stories of compromise and affirmation in our abilities. Let us tell ourselves the ultimate story of the kids whose future lives rest heavily on our present day actions. We won’t always feel good about it all, or have things play out according to our ideal- but the power of the story we tell ourselves is that it keeps bringing us home.

Brings us back to why we do this.2020 was a hard year, that no one was expecting.2021 may be just as hard, but we are much tougher and more prepared.
I don’t know what the story is that keeps you going and brings you a peace that surpasses understanding, but I hope you tell it to yourself as often as you need to. The story we tell ourselves gives us power over our experiences.



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